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QMS Enzyme

A harmonious blend of
5 superfoods

QMS Wellness understands the challenges faced by working adults, young parents, and individuals struggling with skin issues, constipation, beauty concerns and modern ailments like insomnia, respiratory and indigestion issues. That’s why we’ve developed QMS Enzyme, a harmonious blend of 5 superfoods, to address your specific needs and deliver remarkable results.
Professional Service

Tradisional Qi (氣)
Massage (Acupressure)

Say goodbye to stagnant energy and bid farewell to the burden of blocked emotions with our revitalising acupressure Qi (氣) massage. Let our skilled practitioners guide you on a journey of liberation from external stressors, helping you restore balance and unlock your true well-being.
Healthcare Consultation

1-2-1 Holistic
Health Consultation

Experience personalised healthcare through our 1-2-1 holistic health consultation, where we integrate the 5 Elements of Life to identify and address the root causes of imbalances within your body system. Our dedicated team will guide you towards optimal well-being and help restore internal harmony within your body & mind.
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QMS Licensing Opportunities

Embark on an extraordinary journey with QMS Wellness as we offer licensing opportunities to like-minded individuals who share our philosophy of health and life. Together, we will treat the root cause, the right way. Join us on this extraordinary journey,

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Holistic Health!