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Our Brand Story

The 5 Elements

Tapping into the Power of 5 for Your Optimal Well-being.

As we believe health is a personal journey, addressing the root cause of your health issues through the 5 Elements of Life- Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth help balance the body’s 5 Vital Organs, restoring harmony to anyone with a busy urban lifestyle.
QMS Wellness

Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Living

Introducing QMS Wellness, where ancient wisdom meets modern lifestyles. Inspired by the 300 B.C. Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, our path to detoxification, purification and balance begins at the cellular level. 

Our Community

Personalized & Holistic Wellness Approach

Experience personalised, holistic wellness and discover the power of targeted recovery for full-body balance. Join our vibrant community and embark on a transformative path towards total well-being with us, from within. 
Our Vision and Mission

Empower individuals to
achieve holistic wellness,
one personalised
step at a time.

At QMS Wellness, we are committed to support working adults, young parents and stressful professionals on their journey to personalised wellness. We provide holistic solutions to restore balance, nourish the body and mind and inspire individuals to live their best lives amidst the demands of a busy world.
Meet Our Founder

Nurturing Holistic Health One Person at a Time.

Health is not just the absence of disease,
but the complete harmony of mind, body and spirit.

In 2014, our founder had the privilege of meeting a revered master who introduced him to the profound wisdom of the “I Ching 易经.” Under this master’s guidance, he delved into the depths of this ancient knowledge, discovering its intricate essence. The “I Ching 易经” revealed the interconnectedness of the five internal organs, representing the “five elements,” each influencing and regulating the others. This revelation paved the way to understanding and analyzing various aspects of life, including personal health, family dynamics, relationships, career, and financial well-being, all through the lens of the Five Elements. This holistic approach brought newfound balance and insight to life.

Fast forward to 2021, our founder embarked on a personal mission fueled by the desire to provide personalized healthcare solutions for loved ones. Recognizing the financial constraints that many face when seeking optimal health, he rallied a group of like-minded professionals. Together, they embarked on a journey to merge scientific knowledge with holistic principles, leveraging extensive research and development efforts. The result was the birth of QMS Enzyme—an accessible and convenient daily wellness pack designed to address the root causes of imbalances and promote holistic well-being.

Guided by the profound wisdom of the 5 Elements of Life, our founder firmly believes that what we consume profoundly shapes our well-being. QMS Enzyme represents a groundbreaking formula, meticulously crafted to target cellular-level rejuvenation, purification, and detoxification. By harmonizing the vital organs, hormones, and metabolism, this innovative solution addresses the root causes of health issues. It’s time to embark on a journey of rediscovery and embrace well-being from within.


Blazing a Trail to Wellness,
from Nutrition to Natural Therapy.

My mission is to promote the health and life balance of individuals through nutrition and natural therapy.

In my career journey, I embarked on a fulfilling path to become a professional nutritionist and naturopath. My heart burns with a passion for health and nature, driving me to provide comprehensive health support to others.

As a nutritionist, my goal is not only to teach the principles of healthy eating but to design personalized nutrition plans for individuals by deeply understanding their needs. I believe that food is the fuel for our bodies and profoundly impacts our health. Therefore, my work not only focuses on the science of nutrition but also emphasizes the holistic impact of food on life.

At the same time, I am a naturopath who believes that nature is our greatest healer. I integrate natural therapy into my practice, advocating for the promotion of the body’s self-healing through the power of food itself. Herbal remedies and natural therapies become powerful tools for me to help others achieve overall well-being.

This profession is not just a job for me but a responsibility and dedication. Through continuous learning, I am committed to maintaining a keen awareness of the latest knowledge in the field of health to better serve the community. My vision is to inspire people to pay attention to their own health and find balance and harmony in the gifts of nature through my efforts.

  • International Certified Nutritionist
  • Natural Food Therapist

It’s time
to Rediscover
Your Well-being
from Within.