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CSR Activities

This is a yearly event which we conduct for the local community. Once a year, we mobilize all our employees to clean up the surrounding area along the main road leading to the company, whereby helping to improve the cleanliness of the community. We started this activity in year 2002 and has since made it a yearly event.

We receive scholars from organizations of higher learning to our plant to understand the spark plug production process. We share the entire product realization process from issuing of quotation, purchasing of material, mass production, quality assurance, storage and delivery to the scholars during the visit. In this way, they gain knowledges not only in classrooms but how a business is actually conducted in the real world.

As a caring company with warm heart, we answered to calls for blood donations to support the needly. This has been made a yearly event since 2019. We intend to contribute more by gradually increasing the donation frequency from yearly to quarterly.

Since 2014, we contribute to the cultivation of local talents by offering internship program to undergraduates who shall perform practical training before their graduation. Once the intern’s application is accepted, we will assign a supervisor to support the intern during their training with us.