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Company Overview

    SPDF Group
    a dynamic force in
    the duty-free industry.

    Propelled by an unwavering passion for excellence and a steadfast commitment to growth, SPDF Group of companies has corporate offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, with a strong presence across 12 duty-free outlets in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We have also set our sights on opening 30 more outlets in the next 5 years, cementing our position as the top-of-mind brand in the Asia Pacific region.

      for all duty-free desires.

      At the core of everything we do is our dedication to our customers. We prioritise our customers’ needs and desires, forging long-lasting partnerships with our brands, principals and owners. We are committed to bring the latest quality products from our partners to our end-users- providing them with excellent customer experiences, contributing to the growth of our partners’ businesses alongside the rise of our brand.

      Service excellence

      At SPDF Group, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering the best possible experience for our customers at our outlets.

      Passion for quality

      We have an unwavering dedication to quality and strive to offer only the finest products to our customers while having our brand partners’ best interests in mind.

      Drive for innovation

      We are always seeking new and innovative ways to improve our business and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

      Focused on growth

      We are focused on driving growth and expansion in the duty-free market and creating new opportunities for our company and our partners.