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Platinum Alloy Spark Plugs

Compared to conventional plugs, G-Power delivers better starts, superior acceleration and greater fuel economy.

Iridium IX

Iridium Alloy Spark Plugs

Due to the fine central electrode (0.6mm) made of a new material, iridium alloy, we improved ignitability, starting performance, and acceleration performance.

Laser Iridium

Double Precious Metal Spark Plugs

The plug has excellent durability, because an iridium alloy chip made from extra-fine new material, is used for the central electrode (0.6mm) and a platinum alloy chip is used for the ground electrode.  It also has a high ignitability and helps reduce discharge voltage.

Iridium MAX

Double Precious Metal + Double Fine Electrode Spark Plugs

For further improvement of the ignitability of the conventional iridium plugs, a needle-shaped Platinum chip is welded to the leading edge of the ground electrode to thereby curb the flame damping ability of the base material of the electrode. This has ensured the durability of the plug and has also improved the ignitability to the maximum.

Quality & Performance

Confirm that the thread reach of the spark plug is the right one for the engine.

Rigorous Testing

All NGK Spark Plugs must pass extensive testing procedures and quality check through-out the manufacturing process ensuring fitment and quality.

High Coverage

NGK Spark Plugs cover variety of TOYOTA vehicles operating on the road today.

A Complete Package

NGK “Perfect Fit” Series offers a complete coverage from premium to economical spark plugs.

Wide Range of NGK Spark Plugs